Sell through the senses with your business card

There’s no doubt we’re currently in the digital age. Wherever you look technology is being used and developed at an outstanding rate and it’s the same in the world of print. The methods and techniques of printing have changed drastically since the rate of new technology has increased and whilst some people may say print is dead, there is sufficient evidence to suggest it’s still alive and kicking!
Firstpoint Print Clerkenwell Business card
Touch is a pivotal human sense and it’s what we often use to work out whether we trust something or not. That cup of tea next to you, you touched it to see how hot it was, didn’t you? Or that deal you just broke, you shook hands on it to seal the deal and make sure it was legitimate. Touch is our way of making sure, of trusting. In a recent article by the clever clog, statisticians over at Newsworks they revealed the importance of print and touch when trying to build trustworthy and profitable relationships with customers. Printed utensils such as business cards, flyers and handouts can increase the likelihood of someone trusting your business by 41% whilst also increasing their purchase intent by 24% – pretty darn impressive percentages, right!? But it doesn’t stop there.

It’s a well-known fact that the key to a good relationship is personal rapport and business cards give a much more personable and professional representation of yourself than an email or a text ever will. Rather than getting lost in the murky world of spam filters and multiple inboxes the physical nature of exchanging a business card and it being stored somewhere safe means it is a much more valuable and reliable source of communication than digital alternatives. A well designed business card can speak volumes about your company and your approachability so make it bold, friendly and creative in order to stand out amongst the others and draw attention to you and your business. A business card also lists all of the ways to get in contact with you should the matter be of higher priority than an email, making you seem like a more open and trustworthy contact – something which is majorly important in the world of business.

Here at Firstpoint Print Clerkenwell we have printed millions of business cards down the years. Our design and customer support team will be happy to work with to create the perfect business card for you and your business. Get in touch with us today to find out more! But remember, next time you get that amazing deal off the back of one of you cards, give us a fair cut.