Firstpoint Print Clerkenwell's eco policy.

Our eco policy

Our eco policy is simple and straightforward; we do everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint, help protect the environment and to recycle wherever possible. We also use carefully selected, energy-efficient machinery for all our processes and use paper and materials from sustainable sources wherever possible. You could say that being eco-friendly is in our DNA — even our website hosting is ‘green’.

As standard our printing papers use a minimum of 20% recycled fibres or pulp, rising to 100% in many cases, although of course it rather depends on the job in question and the customer we’re working with. We have a whole range of recycled and eco-friendly paper options and are always keen for our clients to choose from these ranges. With technology as it is today, recycled and eco-friendly papers and boards can often look every bit as good as standard, non-green papers … without costing the Earth.

If protecting the environment is also important to you, ask us about our green options and we’ll be delighted to run through the recycled or sustainable papers, boards and processes with you. Call us on 020 7490 7588 or contact us here for further details.

Whenever possible we recycle and use eco-friendly, sustainable papers and boards along with energy-efficient machinery and equipment.