High 5: Top 5 Tips for The Perfect Company Booklet

There is nothing more professional than a nicely finished, printed booklet. A professionally made booklet can say a lot about your company, your brand identity and where you see your business going in the next few years – so it’s always important to make sure you get it right. However, as with most things in life there are a lot of variables and options when it comes to printing a booklet and it’s always best to ask the professionals (AKA us) for help and guidance.


The cover of your booklet is the headline act, the main event and the most important thing of all. If you get it wrong no one will take a look at it and you will have wasted a load of wonga and have no clients. However, get it right and people will take to you like a fish to water and your profits will increase by millions!!! (This is not strictly true, but it will help forge relationships and partnerships).  Make the front cover engrossing, bold and eye-catching and refrain from putting too many words on it as no one likes looking at words on things anymore. Your best bet is to get a graphic designer involved and cast their creative eyes over your brand – if you don’t have one to hand, get in touch with us and we’ll lend you ours for a few hours to do the donkey work for you, they’re pretty darn good  as well.



In the digital world it’s easy to forget about words. So much of marketing is done via videos, gif’s and images that the humble thesaurus now gathers dust in the corner. However, as the saying goes ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’ and never has truer word been spoken when it comes to brand identity and marketing. Whilst this is mainly because if you took a sword into a client meeting it probably wouldn’t end too well, words are also important in drawing in an audience to your company. Keep them off of your cover and pack them into the pages. However, don’t just churn out a load of drivel. Your content needs to be snappy, informative and creative – with facts, figures and references making up a large proportion. Get your identity and run with it!


Put the iPhone down!! Images are where A LOT of people go wrong and the effects can be huge. If you’re creating a professional looking booklet go and get some professional looking photos (easy, right!?). Like your written content your images need to be eye-catching and thought provoking and not just any old screen grab of Google. Make sure they match the words in your content and that they’re a high enough resolution for printing. If you have any questions about how you need to lay your images out, get in touch with us and we’ll happily help!



The bind usually varies on the type of booklet you are making and how large it is. If it’s a small little thing we’d recommend getting it saddle stitched (stapled on the spine) however for bigger booklet, your best bet is perfect bound (adhesive along the spine) which whilst sounding pretty amazing, also looks very professional to boot. As ever, our lovely bunch of print fanatics here at Firstpoint EC1 will happily give you recommendations on which bind you need depending on the documents purpose and size.


Paper may sound and look a bit bland but don’t neglect it. It’s like the Yorkshire Pudding to a roast, you may not feel like you need to worry about it, but when you have a good one… oooh yes. Good quality paper is a must have when it comes to booklet making and can really reflect the status of your brand. Cheap paper suggests that you haven’t taken time and care over the production of your booklet and that can cast a negative view of yourself and your brand before you’ve even had chance to open your mouth. To make sure you pick the right paper, go out and do some research. We will always be happy to help you in any way possible and have sample booklets ready should you need them.


That, my friends is a wrap. If your booklet still looks rubbish after all these suggestions then we don’t know what else to say (back to the drawing board?), if it looks great then you can send us some gifts in the post or pop in and give us a hug and get it printed at our address which you can find over here. Also, if you’ve got a bit of designer block or you’re not too sure what you want your paper to be, send out an SOS and we’ll be there to help you ASAP.